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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit is a racing game, the third in the Need for Speed series. An interesting new feature in this release is that it includes police chases as the most relevant part of gameplay. However, Hot Pursuit keeps the original racing-type characteristics of the series, this time focused in driving exotic sports cars. In this release, races take place mainly in different places within North America, and it includes several settings and climates. A very important feature: police AI has been dramatically enhanced as compared to its predecessors. Chases are performed by more than one police car a time, which allows them to stop the racer's car jointly, by using group strategies. Hot Pursuit's gameplay consists of two different but related categories: racing against one or seven other racers in normal circuit racers and races where police pursuits are included. As in previous versions, cars are divided into classes "A", "B" and "C", depending on the performance of the vehicle. The list of cars in Need for Speed III is mainly made of luxury sports cars, from common street models to racing models. Need for Speed III supports both single and multiplayer games.

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